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Wood Burning


Backyard Ambience

 A fire pit is a place for fun. It is a place for relaxation. It is a place where family and friends gather for a night of enjoyable company. There is something about a fire that attracts us to it, helping even the worst days feel better.  When you get the ambience around a fire pit right, then you can enhance the many benefits which are possible.  Modern fire pits now incorporate more options, adornments, and features than ever before. There is a wide range of options available today, for virtually any budget, which will help you create the perfect place of paradise in your backyard.  Don’t just settle for a sunken pit and cheap lawn chairs. There are numerous... Read More

Fire Pit Fuel Options

  Fire Pits are wildly popular now, they’re a fun affordable way to enhance your outdoor space and a great centerpiece to gather family and friends around. Before choosing a fire pit, you need to decide which fuel option will work best for you. The most popular are wood, natural gas and propane. All three will provide fire, heat and a place to gather around however, each may not be best suited for your plans. Wood burning fire pits are the most popular. Running a gas line is not necessary, they provide a generous amount of heat, you can cook over them and they’re usually not as expensive as the gas or propane models. The other side of the wood... Read More