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Fire Pit Fuel Options

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Fire Pits are wildly popular now, they’re a fun affordable way to enhance your outdoor space and a great centerpiece to gather family and friends around.

Before choosing a fire pit, you need to decide which fuel option will work best for you. The most popular are wood, natural gas and propane. All three will provide fire, heat and a place to gather around however, each may not be best suited for your plans.

Wood burning fire pits are the most popular. Running a gas line is not necessary, they provide a generous amount of heat, you can cook over them and they’re usually not as expensive as the gas or propane models. The other side of the wood burning fire pits is that they do require the most maintenance. The fire needs to be stoked as it burns, it creates smoke and you cannot just turn it off when your finished enjoying the fire. It should not be used on surfaces like wood decks because it will create sparks and embers that can catch different materials on fire.

Propane fire pits are the easiest to operate. Just hook up your tank, push the ignition and a flame instantly appears, the height and intensity of the flame is also controllable. There is no gas line to run, there’s flexibility with placement of your pit, no odor, no ashes or logs to clean up after you finish enjoying your fire. Propane is not a good choice if you want to cook over your fire pit.

Natural Gas fire pits require the largest up-front investment because you need to run a gas line to the fire pit either from your home or another source. Once the Gas fire pits are set up they are stationary due to the gas line. They cannot be moved around like the wood burning or propane fire pits. They are convenient and easy to operate like the propane fire pits, just a push of the switch and your fire is burning, shut off the gas and your fire is out. No odor, no ashes, no logs or propane tanks. It is the most-low maintenance of the three. Natural Gas is not a good choice if you want to cook over your fire pit.

Whether you decide on wood burning, propane or natural gas, a fire pit will make an awesome addition to your outdoor living area.

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